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“Śhakra Cosmic Dance” by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

We present the first movement meditation “Śhakra Cosmic Dance” from our new series "Chakra Dance Meditations" 

Move your chakras with the sounds of cosmic sound wave of 329.9Hz. This will help with breathing, grounding and better flow state. Let your inner guidance activate through your intuition, visions, thoughts and actions. 

Have you ever felt blocked in certain areas of your life, such as your sensuality or ability to express yourself? Then you need to DANCE it out! This movement cleanses your chakras and a fluid flow of kundalini rises to higher states of consciousness. This Ecstatic Dance activates your Chakras to dissolve your Shadow and Raise your Vibrations to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 




Welcome to Chakra Cosmic Dance Where we invite you to discover your sacred dance and allow your inner world to move freely activating your chakras. 

Relax and Gently close your eyes, follow your breath…and dance where your chakras take you. 

• Red Chakra (Muladhara) Feel the rhythm take hold of your body feeling safe and grounded as Mother Earth takes you on a journey to the sounds of ancient melodies. 

• Orange Chakra (Svadhisthana) As you enter the mother’s womb, move your hips side to side, feel the warmth sensation of your lower body taking you on a cosmic journey as your kundalini rises activating your goddess nature and creativity. 

Yellow Chakra (Manipura) Is where the sun shines within your inner power, igniting your souls purpose. Feel the strength of masculine energy rising through dance with expressive energy. Here your breathe roar with prana, deep fire breaths to release and let it all go into the fire for transmutation. 

Green Chakra (Anahata) Your heart is alive and beating to the universal sound of love. Feel a green light dancing with you, as you are being held, in the light, let all your past experiences drop to the wayside and feel free to dance like no one is watching you. You are at peace. 

Blue Chakra (Vishuddha) You step into the beautiful soundscape of pulsating musical melodies sweeping you off your feet. The blue sphere of enchanting energies awaken your voice saying I see you, I hear you, I love you. 

Indigo Chakra (Ajna) Into the galaxy you take flight to the brightest star Sirius tonight. In her twin light you will awaken your intuition and visions towards great fortune and the future of your life. 

• Violet Chakra (Sahasrara) You are beaming and shining bright like a diamond dancing to your next destiny. Your dreams become reality. You are excited about being here and alive. 

We conclude with a Yoga Nidra sound bath relaxation in Savasana. This space of relaxation is to feel every fiber of your being and connecting deeply with the beat of your heart and slowing down your breath in this purity of tantric love. A kundalini awakening - a rising of electric energies along the spine. You may feel a real sense of joy. NAMASTE 

This is a gradual healing experience, the more you listen, the effects will increase leaving you feeling more connected in your inner world and a sweet oneness of complete Love. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and a very Special and Bright New Year 2024




Get the “Śhakra Cosmic Dance” Mantra


"Śhakra Cosmic Dance”

release December 12 2023

Carlos Carty

Lyricist & Vocals

Music Producer & Music Video Production

Artist - Śhakra Jewel

Lyricist & vocals

Album Cover - Pedro Gallinger


All rights reserved

Juliane Renée • Hawaii

Life & Relationship Coaching • Career Coaching • Meditation Music

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