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Bindu by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Introducing “Bindu”, from the album, “In The Light of Jewels.” Bindu takes us on a journey of awakening, new beginnings, and our origins, while enveloping us in gorgeous tones and flowing music that is infused with Divine love, guidance, and protection. As the track “Bindu” opens we sense that we are in a place before time, at the beginning. The music swells with expectation as light enters and we are called to listen to our wise guide. Her strong, loving voice fills the void, and our senses as she gently leads us:

“In the morning light I tell you these three words in delight You are beautiful You are insightful You are peaceful

A cupful of love from above You are a divine beam of heavenly light We feed your soul with pure nourishment and infinite love and light”

The listener feels completely loved, supported, and nurtured. We are ready to step out into our existence. As an angelic voice enters, chanting Deva, we feel the blessing. Deva means heavenly being and through the music the angel is with us. Fully ready to live our lives in the world, we are next led into a beautiful, swaying rhythm where two glorious voices are layered with the music and the words of their chant, Om So Hum. The listener feels the connection as the chanting voices infuse our cells and the sounds resonate with our bodies and our breath. As the last Om So Hum blends into the music, the wind lifts it up, as a prayer.

As our journey continues, we are brought fully into the sun in the beautiful Spanish song,”Antes Del Tiempo”. The traditional stringed instrument, The Charango, blends with the native flutes to immerse us in nature, as if we were galloping through the Andes on a horse. The meaning of the song echoes the awakening from “Bindu”. A celebration of life, the spirit is still before birth. As the consciousness slowly awakens during childhood we form a connection and love for the land. The earth and sun nourish our bodies and our souls. We are each called by God into communion with Him. He speaks to us in many ways through nature and His creation. We wake up every day with the sunlight. The strong, melodic voice of our lyricist speaks to the listener:

“Suddenly I see the light shine

Beloved earth watched me grow

Your roots are my protection Your tender song makes me sleep

I see the history of my people that Feed the earth

Harvesting its fruits The hope of the people Wake up with your strength”

We are where we belong, in communion with God, fully connected to the sun, the earth, and all creation.

“Bindu” has a solfeggio frequency of 528Hz which expresses love and harmony with nature and creation. The Bindu chakra, also called the soul star chakra, is located on the top of the head and brings physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Listen to “Bindu” to facilitate the flow of energy and light into your soul star chakra which will allow you to move into a higher state of consciousness.


Carlos Carty and Śhakra Jewel


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About the Art

We present cosmic Soul Star mandala from our collection “In The Light of Jewels” collection. This healing masterpiece is the 8th chakra; this is the fusion of the spiritual oneness where we recognize that there is no separate self but rather only one universal consciousness. Because of this, the Soul Chakra is seen as our connection to our “higher self.” Our higher self is what some would refer to as our “real self,” “true self” or the “knowing self.” It is the part of us

The 12 DNA Strand Heart Soul-Star Cosmic Mandala visually represents the 'Origin Blueprint essence of Humanity's Divinely Created to call urging a return to the Truth of your Stellar Ancestral heritage. It is time for humanity to awaken and dormant potential you contain. This Mandala in symbolic language, details the first level anchoring, activation and reconnection into the greater architecture of life humanity is intrinsically flower of life woven throughout the painting. The entire human species as a collective; is an integral participant within the larger structure of sentience and creation - the entire physical universe. This is expressed through your souls embodiment & incarnation into physiology through our beloved Mother Earths planetary life stream. The Entire Mandala is Perfectly Symmetrical and Designed to Awaken Pathways that have been disconnected within humanity for centuries; The Sri Yantra triangulation inherent in the mandalas design is very significant as well.

Upon Earth there are pyramid structures on almost every single continent {China, North America, South America, Egypt, etc}. These sacred monuments are aligned along a geometric grid network that surrounds the planet. This is the Ancient Crystalline Super~Computer Grid System that now lays in ruins.

The soul is placed in the body, it’s your light that shines like a diamond and has the ability to shine when there is someone to recognize its good facets and allows its flaws. Diamonds have an image of purity and light. Shine brighter with this beautiful painting by VAYU. The healing colors will envelope your eyes into a state of peace and serenity.

Written by

Juliane Renée



Pedro Gallinger

This piece and others available for purchase at:


Please enjoy this special gift for you...

"Antes Del Tiempo"


“Bindu” Releases August 8,, 2022

“Bindu” and “Antes Del Tiempo” Carlos Carty Lyricist & Vocals Music Producer & Music Video Production

Feat. Henry Sánchez - Charango -

“Antes Del Tiempo”

Artist - Śhakra Jewel Lyricist & vocals

Breathe Love Movement editor:

Jennifer O'Brien

Copyright by Juliane Renée

all rights reserved

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Brittany Monet
Brittany Monet
Sep 08, 2022


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