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Encanto Tropical by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

With great pleasure and celebration, we announce the premiere of our single “Encanto Tropical” from “Honu,” the closing track in the album and fine art collection, “In The Light of Jewels.”

The release of “Encanto Tropical” coincides with and celebrates the solstice and the super new moon. We are honoring the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere. Our artistic duo of Śhakra Jewel and Carlos Carty represent both hemispheres. This song celebrates both solstices in its melody.

The super new moon which occurs on December 23rd ushers in a time for action and new beginnings. This is a perfect time to propel forward and to learn new skills. Now is the time to be fearless and to chase your dreams.

As “Encanto Tropical” opens we hear waves crashing gently onto the shore and a chorus of sea birds welcoming us with their cries, which are carried by the warm winds to the shore, and then back to the space above the sea. As the soft and graceful notes from the ukulele dance with the waves and the native flute, we are transported to a tropical island, feeling happy and free. The lyricist’s warm and skillful vocals complete the perfect picture and we listen as he speaks to us….

“The river advances and does not look back

Beyond the corner of the world

Who knows the sighs of the sea

Submerged in your heart

Strikes the stones it will shape them

Some will be like a crystal

Breathe voice of broken

I’ll come back for you

Just one song

What do I write in the sand?

Under the shade of the palm trees

Or in the night breeze that moistens my heart

The waves rhyme and I

The poet of the rain

The crickets sing their loneliness

The wind whistles the notes that shine in silence”

“Encanto Tropical” is about presence and legacy. We write the story of our lives day by day and we leave our footprints where we go and in what we touch. We leave an imprint for future generations so they will understand what we thought. We hope they will find meaning in our shared experience and feelings.

And it is our hope that through our music and paintings we have left an imprint for your lives. We invite you to step into “In The Light Of Jewels” and explore, enjoy, and share our art and our experience with us. We thank you for your love and for spending time with us.

Happy Holidays and our very best wishes for a Happy New Year! May peace, love, and abundance flow to you all with grace and ease. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year with our next chapter, the Divine Love Movement.

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On behalf of the Breathe Love Movement team,

Happy solstice and Yuletide in the new Year


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"Encanto Tropical”

Releases December 21, 2022

“Encanto Tropical”

Lyrics and vocals

Carlos Carty


Śhakra Jewel

Carlos Carty

Lyricist & Vocals

Music Producer & Music Video Production

Artist - Śhakra Jewel

Lyricist & vocals

Video footage - Kaua’i north shore

Aninin Beach, Hanalei Bay

Album Cover - Pedro Gallinger

In The Light Of Jewels Spiritual Fine Art Collection

Breathe Love Movement editor

Jennifer O’Brien

Copyright by Juliane Renée

all rights reserved

Breathe Love Meditation Space & Healing Services

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