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HARE KRISHNA by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

'Embarking on a Cosmic Journey of Love: The Hare Krishna Mantra Echoes Across the Universe"


 In a world often overwhelmed by chaos and discord, there emerges a beacon of divine love resonating through the cosmos. The ancient wisdom the teachings of Hare Krishna mantra, coupled with the transcendent power of music, invites listeners to embark on a journey of cosmic love.


Guided by the eternal teachings of Lord Krishna, the mantra transcends the boundaries of time and space. In the cosmic symphony of the universe, where stars dance to the rhythm of creation, two celestial beings emerge, their voices echoing through the celestial space like ethereal melodies woven into the fabric of existence. Śhakra Jewel"s angelic voice  mesmerizing cascade of harmonies, intertwines with Carlos Carty's deep resonance, creating a celestial duet that resonates across galaxies.



Their voices, like shimmering constellations, illuminate the darkness of space, casting beams of light that transcend time and space. Each note they sing becomes a celestial beacon, guiding lost souls through the cosmic labyrinth, towards a harmonious union with the cosmos.

As they sing, the universe itself seems to pause, by the beauty of their music. Planets and stars sway in celestial ballet, galaxies twirl in cosmic waltz, and nebulae shimmer with newfound radiance, all in homage to the divine harmony of Śhakra Jewel and Carlos Carty's celestial voices.

This sacred chant, love frequencies of 528z  through the galaxies, carries within it the essence of divine devotion and unconditional love. As it echoes across the cosmic expanse, it touches the hearts of all who listen, awakening a profound sense of interconnectedness and unity.

In the celestial symphony orchestrated by the universe, each note of Hare Krishna mantra sings of love in its purest form. It whispers of a love that knows no bounds, transcending earthly limitations and embracing all beings with compassion and grace.


Through the power of music, Hare Krishna, also known as the (Great Mantra) which is 16 syllable mantra becomes a vessel for the expression of divine love, permeating every corner of existence. It is a reminder that amidst the vastness of the cosmos, love remains the fundamental force that binds us all together.



In a cosmic dance of divine affection, Visual Artist, Vayu captures the ethereal embrace between Krishna and Radha. Under a celestial canopy twinkling with stardust, the deities' blue and golden hues reflect their transcendent love, mirroring the infinite universe's depth. Amidst a forest alight with the day's last fire, they stand, a testament to eternal devotion. Vayu channels the spirituality of this union, crafting an image where the cosmos behind them whispers of mysteries as old as time, evoking a sense of profound spiritual wonder.


Listeners who immerse themselves in the enchanting melody of the Krishna mantra are transported to a realm where love reigns supreme. In this sacred space, hearts open wide, and souls unite in a symphony of cosmic resonance.


Join us as we tune into the cosmic frequency of love, as we sing the Krishna mantra together, and as we become one with the eternal song of the universe.






Śhakra Jewel & Carlos Carty Production

Lyricist & Vocals 


Music Producer  


Creative Art and Visuals- VAYU  







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