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Shakti Cosmic Dance by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Introducing “Shakti Cosmic Dance”, from the album, “In The Light of Jewels”

In this cosmic dance track we dance to lift the spirit up high, and dive deep within to restore our personal power and become seekers of love.

The healing Adi Shakti mantra tunes one in to the frequency of the Divine mother and to the elemental protective generating energy. It is said that chanting it eliminates fears and fulfills desires. Reciting this mantra brings humility and honors the virtue of the Divine feminine which is within all. As we enter into “Shakti Cosmic Dance” our sacral chakra opens and we merge with the vast Divine energy. Adi Shakti embodies the spirit of honoring our female ancestors of the past and future.

As we open ourselves to the undulating rhythms and movements of “Shakti Cosmic Dance” we connect with the primal creative movement of the universe. Old insecurities and energy blockages fall away effortlessly.

The merging of the energies of Shiva with Shakti brings us the interconnectedness and duality of relationship as represented by Yin and Yang. They are polar opposites, but cannot exist with out the other. As the drums beat and the flute dances Shiva and Shakti flow in perfect union. When Shva chants, the goddess serves him and when Shakti chants, the universal energy serves her. As the listener opens themselves to the creative power of divine energy they can merge with the infinite source within.

Rise to dance and breathe love.


Śhakra Jewel


Mantra Lyrics

Adi Shakti,

Sarab Shakti,

Pritham Bhagvati,

Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo,

Vam Vam Vam

Affirmation Lyrics

Breathe in powerful golden light

Honor the sacred body in which our souls reside

We are creative beings of light

Share with care and

love during sacred connections

Allow intuition senses to guide us

Pleasures and abun

dance dance with every breath we take every move we create

We are awakened inside Discover the beauty in Art as it nourishes the souls heart

Look within, Feel creativity flow freely

Souls Connect …breathe ….free to be you and me.

I am in you and you in me

We rise in Divine Love


Move freely

Dance in the Spirit of Love


2-22-22 Astrology
Download PDF • 34KB



Album cover - Pedro Gallinger

Purchase original artwork at:

Carlos Carty

Lyrist & Vocals

Music Producer & Music Video Production

Artist - Śhakra Jewel

Composer - Juliane Renée

released January 11, 2022

all rights reserved

Enjoy, and Breathe Love!

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