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Leo Maha Laxmi by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

We present the first single “LEO MAHA LAXMI” from our second album


We invite the listener to experience with much Success and Love, “Leo Maha Laxmi", A Mantra song by written and composed by Śhakra Jewel and Carlos Carty and album cover & AI animation by Vayu celebrating a beautiful SYNERGY of Divine Love in the Universe.

The song is inspired by soul connection that human beings have with the universe, and highlights divine love and the importance of trusting the universe, our Divinity and Shine our Light, In streams of love, dreams of love.

The song's lyrics were created in the sea of love located on the North Shores of a famous picturesque beach, “ Mākua Beach, also called Tunnels Beach Situated at the eastern end of the Nā Pali Coast, of the Garden Island of Kaua’i.

The sound of this song is influenced by new age music and ambient music, painted with dreamy beds of synthesizers, and binaural waves, electronic beats, the angelic voice of Shakra Jewel supported by the voice of Carlos, in the mantras.

The combination of these elements creates a deep and spiritual atmosphere that connects us with ancient songs and divine inspiration.

Vayu developed videos and images with artificial intelligence, bringing the freshness of "what's new" to visually represent the sounds of these musics. In the videos lions, gold coins, and kaleidoscope mandalas dance together with the goddess of abundance Laxmi, represented in a modern and original way.

We wholeheartedly hope that you find this Mantra opening your heart to receive the grace of love and bountiful peace and abundance.

Carlos, Jewel and Pedro.


Get the Leo Maha Laxmi Mantra




Presenting our second album “SIRIUS”

A mini series of healing affirmations, alchemy music, and AI art on our YouTube channel.

This album is branded in the HEALING ARTS. We will be guiding you on a 21 day healing experience in manifesting a new reality for you to experience in the UNIVERSE.

Tune into our cosmic frequency 888hz Alchemy Resonance, a Universal Consciousness manifesting channel.

In our first series, We have curated 6 tracks including one Spanish version affirmation’s.

Each morning for 21 days

Start your day with affirmations. Next the Leo Maha Laxmi song. In the evening to cleanse from the day, Brain Meditation, and Leo Maha Laxmi 54 mantra chant for a deeper healing as you settle in for the night rest.

Links to access this track

Audio Visuals

**Powerful Wealth & Success Mantra**

**Powerful Affirmations for Wealth, Health, Happiness, and Abundance**


"Leo Maha Laxmi”

release August 8 2023

Carlos Carty

Lyricist & Vocals

Music Producer & Music Video Production

Artist - Śhakra Jewel

Lyricist & vocals

Album Cover - Pedro Gallinger


All rights reserved

Juliane Renée • Hawaii

Life & Relationship Coaching • Career Coaching • Meditation Music

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