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Estamos orgullosos de asociarnos con otros profesionales del bienestar que pueden contribuir a su bienestar general.  Eche un vistazo a nuestros socios de bienestar a continuación.


Amy Llinas Lynch

A lo largo de los años, no solo he tenido un gran éxito en mi carrera en la industria del fitness, sino que también he podido guiar a otros con la suya. He trabajado con numerosos clientes ayudándolos a lograr sus objetivos personales de salud y estado físico en pérdida de peso, nutrición y autoestima. También he tenido el placer de ayudar a muchos de mis clientes a obtener sus tarjetas profesionales en varias federaciones. Me apasiona profundamente ayudar a otros a darse cuenta de que son más que capaces de lograr las metas que se propusieron.

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Silvia’s firm belief is that only through the education of our youth, can we eliminate the ignorance that fosters hatred among people. She is most concerned with helping our youth acquire the understanding and life skills needed to take responsibility for both their own lives and the lives of others.

Seeing the positive changes in the lives of children after they are given the tools to succeed, Silvia created Teach the Children Peace Foundation to help in the transformation of our world into one of caring, sharing, and peace for all.

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    Jessica Panagiotidis, MS Ed, CRC, LMSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified vocational counselor who specializes in career planning, goal development, career exploration, and individual counseling through her company Graceful Pathways.

    Utilizing a person-centered approach, she is passionate about helping others identify current issues, and assist them in developing a plan of action. Whether you're a teen looking for guidance or an adult who needs help with their job search, Jessica is here to help!

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      Juliane Renee

      Juliane Renee has been a holistic health practitioner and world traveler for decades.  Her life’s journey has taken her from New York to Los Angeles, Australia to India, and hundreds of places in between.  She would be honored to assist you in your journey to wholeness and healing.


      Her mission is to help inspire, ignite passion, and empower you and the people in your life.  By sharing tools to master your limitless possibilities and reconnect with your inner spirit, Juliane can guide you into a state of profound and heartfelt growth.  The change you are yearning for is within your grasp.

      You can learn more or book a service with Juliane below.

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