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Meditation Space




with Alchemy Resonance

The layering of elemental sound invokes solfeggio frequencies, sacred geometry, and ancient wisdom through Sanskrit mantras. The rhythmic melody which moves in your body creates light as well as healing sounds, as if you are twinkling stars traveling through the heavens. 


We are like a musical instrument that can fall out of tune during the day. Our melodic sound tunes you back up. At the cellular level, our alchemy resonance creates a state of coherence and allows your mind, heart, and body to work together in harmony. As a result, your being will work at a new level. Alchemy resonance sound migrates to the areas in your body and energy field where it is most needed. Our meditation music helps to dissolve the internal noise that does not belong in your body, allowing more flow and ease in the system, and stimulates vagal nerve tone providing a deep relaxation to your over worked nervous system. 


Ignite your core so your true self fully flows through your being. Alchemy resonance  awakens from your heart’s vast wisdom. 


We are made of planets, stars and oceans, We are stars wrapped in skin. We are made of creative energy that possesses awareness. Your soul tunes you up, restoring resilience and joy.


- Śhakra Jewel 

Heart-shaped Necklace