We are proud to partner with other wellness practitioners that can contribute to your overall wellness.  Please take a look at our wellness partners below.


Amy Llinas

Over the course of the years, not only have I had great success within my career in the fitness industry, I have also been able to guide others with theirs. I have worked with numerous clients from helping them achieve their personal health and fitness goals in weight loss, nutrition, and self-esteem. I have also had the pleasure of assisting many of my clients in earning their pro cards in various federations. I am deeply passionate about helping others realize that they are more than capable of achieving the goals they set for themselves.

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Silvia’s firm belief is that only through the education of our youth, can we eliminate the ignorance that fosters hatred among people. She is most concerned with helping our youth acquire the understanding and life skills needed to take responsibility for both their own lives and the lives of others.

Seeing the positive changes in the lives of children after they are given the tools to succeed, Silvia created Teach the Children Peace Foundation to help in the transformation of our world into one of caring, sharing, and peace for all.

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