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Buddha Statue

Divine Love


Returning to Real Love

Let’s start with this healing at your own pace of unconditional love which moves us into a state of peace and harmony. Open your heart and move your body in Nature with Sound healing, Breathe work, Mindful movements in Ecstatic Dance. 

Couple Meditating on the Beach


“The path of love is deepening this surrender, step by step.”

A Movement to unite together in the deep, meaningful way of healing of our hearts both individually and collectively.


to return to the Real Love that only God can give. With this returning, you learn how to surrender your heart completely to the Beloved and bring this sweet nectar to the relationships in your life. 

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Divine Teaching

A Divine Unity with your Beloved

Finding the Real Love with your current partner and other relationships

Applying the inner teachings and transformation to your outer reality


Walking the path of love toward a life where you open to a partner and other relationships in which you can give and receive Divine Love

SoundScape Music

Ambient chill-out & Lounge music, Native chants of the Andes, Ecstatic shamanic & Tantra sacred dance by Śhakra Jewel & Carlos Carty. 

A path to weaving together our human and divine natures into oneness. Truly embodied, living a life filled with bliss, joy, passion, pleasure and intimate love. 

I'll meet you there

Music Heals

SoulScape creates a bridge between souls of humanity moving through Nature’s landscape; to evoke a feeling of moving in Nature and nurturing our mind body and soul. 


When we engage with Nature, we connect with a unique energy that is beyond our mental interpretation of the physical — we connect with our heart and soul. 


This heart connection stirs a knowing in our body that reminds us that we are part of Nature — part of  The Web of Life. This knowing shifts our perspective from the idea that we are separate, to the understanding that Nature is part of us — Ultimately, this understanding of partnership creates a more balanced relationship with Land-Nature-The Planet. A place of Peace and Oneness. 


We use our skills as artists to tell a story about our connection with Nature, through the metaphor of Landscapes; the internal landscape of Soul and external landscape of Nature and the Soundscape of Nature. 

Japanese Flute

Fine Art Nature Collection

Admiring Gods wonders. Paintings inspired by nature and healing sounds. 

Our beautiful Nature collection explores natural, modern, minimalist and monochromatic. Healing colors and sustainability in art. To communicate meaningful expressions in audiovisual creations. 

This piece and others available for purchase at:

Buddha Statue

Divine Love


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