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Juliane is one of those beings that illuminates with her presence. We have a friendly bond since 2013. Together we make art, I am in charge of illustrating the beautiful music she makes. Juliane has helped me psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Her words, advice and deep wisdom have inspired me all these years. I have no words to thank her for this immense friendship. I know that Juliane has successfully helped hundreds of people. She is an excellent professional, full of compassion and empathy! Thank you Juliane!! Let's go for more years of company and creations together!

Pedro, Brazil

I started working with Juliane only 6 months ago, but the work she’s done for me in that short period has changed the trajectory of my life forever. My traumas from this life and past ones no longer burden me and she has lifted my spirit higher than I thought possible. Juliane is such a treat to this world. Her calm and beautiful demeanor is something I look forward to, and am very happy I have her as my guide, teacher and friend. 

Trish, Brooklyn

I have known Juliane for over 10 years now and I am beyond grateful to be her client.
More than once I’ve turned to her in times of hardship and she’s always been there for me.
She has helped me heal in grief and loss, offered guidance during difficult moments, and given me hope in times of need. 
Through her readings, healing, and guided meditation I have been able to find clarity, peace, and love. She puts tremendous love and care into her work and clients. 
If you are going through hard times or just looking to enhance your wellness and wellbeing, please reach out to her! You will never be disappointed. 

Albina, Long Island

Juliane  is an angel on earth. Juliane has provided insight and much needed guidance during difficult times. She has given me peace of mind. Juliane is so kind hearted, loving and empathetic. Everyone needs Juliane in their lives:) I am so grateful...

Christine, Long Island 

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Juliane for over a decade. Over the many years of our work together she has helped me see life through the healthy lens of love, compassion and kindness. We’ve healed many childhood traumas and past lives. She is an incredible Doula and helped my family out of despair by coaching family members and myself during this sacred transition. Our most recent work has been the manifestation of our dream home! Juliane brings heaven to earth, raising vibrations everywhere she goes and is truly a great blessing to humanity. 

Jacqueline, Queens

I have known and speak with  Juliane for the last 6 years.  She has helped my family and myself through so many losses, illnesses, work advice & hard times. 
She is an amazing healer,
life coach and always on point with her intuitive  thoughts . 
She is the most warm,  caring , and amazing gifted women .  
She has been so supportive and confronting . 
I recommend her to everyone.
I don’t know what I would do without her !!!!  After a session with Juliane,  I feel renewed and strong about life’s journeys. 

Melissa Spero, New York

I first met Juliane while working at the #1 wellness destination in Kauai, Hawaii the 1
Hotel Hanalei Bay.
It is no doubt that she was brought onto the team because she is a world class healer.
Juliane is multi-talented - she is able to perform a multitude of wellness offerings.
She leads beautiful sound baths, energy reading,and guided mediations.
Juliane is an expert listener who puts so much love and compassion into the healing process.
I have been lucky enough to be a receiver of quite a few of Juliane's talents. I have benefitted from her trauma therapy, sound baths, hypnotherapy, card reading, and guided meditation.
She has a way of intuitively untangling energies from past relationships which left me noticeably lighter.
Juliane treats the whole body - mind, body, spirit.
I would highly recommend her.

Lisa, Kaua’i Hawaii 

Carlos Carty has been honored to collaborate closely with Juliane Renee for an extensive period, co-creating meditation music and healing frequencies. Juliane not only brought her inspiring vision but also her unique talent, moving lyrics, and celestial voice, infusing each note with a deep devotion to sharing this project with the world. Her unwavering commitment and passion for healing through music have been a constant source of inspiration for Carlos. Juliane has been not only a creative partner but also a compassionate guide and a beacon of light on the path to artistic and spiritual fulfillment. The collaboration between Carlos and Juliane has been much more than music creation; it has been a journey of exploration, personal growth, and profound connection.

Carlos Carty, Music Producer, Brazil 

Juliane listens and provides insight as a life coach.  She has the ability to help navigate through various and sticky situations that arise in life.  She has a gift of giving hope, support, comfort and guidance .  One particular instance with one of my children, her coaching assisted to give me confidence in handling the sensitive matter. On another occasion, her insight has assisted in supporting our hope and faith in a delicate life challenge. Thank you Juliane for sharing your gifts with my family and me. We are truly grateful and blessed.  Blessings, Light, and Love to you today and always ❤️


Melissa, Las Vegas

Juliane Renee has been a very special guide, always sensitive and respectful to the situation, she has offered me the right message or words at different times in life experiences. I was struck by the level of clarity that she can bring even from a distance, it is as if she shared love and unwavering faith through her work. Thank you for your accompaniment and loving guidance, it is a gift to be able to do this mission in people's lives and provide them  inner power to make their own decisions.

Marlene, Las Vegas

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