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12/12: A Sign from the Universe

The Power of Numbers

Today, 12/12/2020, we are receiving a message from our universe to help us connect to and awaken our body, heart, and mind and to help lead us down the divine path we have always been meant to walk. Exactly one month and one day after the launch of the global Breathe Love Movement, we encounter again repeating digits in our midst. 1212 symbolizes your spiritual growth, the manifestation of your intentions, and increased awareness of your infinite being. This is one of the most powerful number sequences in the universe, and if you experience it, you are about to go through a major shift and period of incredible growth and abundance. The repeating numbers of 1212 shower us in optimism as they grant us the positive frame of mind that we need to steer our thoughts towards the realization of our ambitions. You are ready for an upgrade to your being! The universe wants to expand your consciousness and help you find new ways of experiencing life on Earth. As you go about your journey, you are being asked to be of service to yourself, humanity, and the planet.

New Breathe Love Store Designs

In an effort to follow this theme of being of service to humanity and our planet, proceeds from these new items in the Breathe Love Redbubble store included in this new launch of the Breathe Love Movement will be donated to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Many of these new items include a brand new design, representing a pair of lungs as a blossoming tree. The trees are the lungs of our Earth, and we hope you find this new design to be inspiring.

Visit Our Store "Nature is our source. The trees are our lungs, the air is our breath, the waters are out circulation, and the earth is our body. All of us resonate with deep, all-knowing wisdom, and ancient familiarity, as we reconnect with the source of life itself."

The Year of Foundation and Devotion

2020 is all about devotion. The work it takes to mindfully live your values through every aspect of your life. The dedication, commitment, responsibility, and enacting of a life’s plan that engages you in the manifestation of your goals. 2020 is a year of stepping up, leaping in, and ultimately rising to the occasion. It is a year of courageously putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of your heart. There is no hiding this year. This call to action is for everyone! Be ready and willing to accept the invitation the universe is extending to you. As this landmark year winds down, make the effort to practice mindfulness at all times. In addition to the call for universal devotion, building solid foundations is the theme for 2020, and in order to stabilize that framework, a little more work on cathartic excavation might be necessary to ensure the footings made this year will endure for decades to come. The work calls you. There is much to be done. 2020 is the year of exceptional change in the structures, values, and natures of our modern world and YOU, every single one of us plays an important role in bridging this shift into a universal humanity. To support and learn more about the Breathe Love Movement, follow us on social media.

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