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A Gift for You!

Wishing everyone a happy 11/11! I have a very exciting gift for you, but first, I want you to know why this day is so significant for me personally.

Ten years ago on 11/11/2011, I arrived back to the United States after spending fifteen years South Australia, and started a new chapter.

One year ago on 11/11/2020, the Breathe Love Movement was born. Through this movement, we have been able to release new meaningful designs and products every month over the last year. The intention of the Breathe Love Movement was to spread love and light across the world, and I’m incredibly proud to say that we accomplished just that.

Today also marks Veterans Day, a day we set aside to express gratitude to all of the brave veterans who have put their lives on the line to protect us. We celebrate those who are here, and honor and remember those who have passed.

Additionally, there is a lot of cosmic and numerological significance to this date. Today, right now, the moon and Jupiter are very close to one another, causing our emotions (ruled by the moon) and creativity, growth, wellbeing, and luck (ruled by Jupiter) to be in harmony. Manifestation is particularly powerful during this time. The numerology of this date tells us that we must release chaos and uncertainty and start fresh. Manifesting new beginnings is a beautiful thing to do at this time.

And with that, on the anniversary of Breathe Love, I have a gift for you to help you manifest beautiful things in your life - an incredibly way to end a year of Breathe Love releases.

I’m so excited to present the Breathe Love Meditation Deck - a deck of 26 cards, each created with a beautiful mantra written by me, paired with a stunning illustration by Eve Glynn. These cards are my gift to you - available as a free download at the link below.

Enjoy, and Breathe Love!

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