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Bloom into Love: Cherishing the Beauty of Springtime and Letting Our Souls Blossom

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Together in full bloom!

May is a month of flowers in full bloom, birds singing in harmony, and warm, sunny days in much of the Northern Hemisphere. There is truly no better time in the year to reconnect with nature, and to reconnect with the nature that exists within ourselves. There is a quote which was recently featured on the Breathe Love Movement Instagram page, and it's particularly poignant for this time of year: "As long as there is life, there is hope." This statement, an ancient Latin proverb, rings just as true in the year 2021 as it did over two thousand years ago. Our lives themselves are fountains of hope, and we must cherish each moment that we share with our loved ones, and with nature. Let our souls blossom in love and hope this season!

Bird of Paradise: Bloom Into Love

This month, the Breathe Love Redbubble store has débuted this stunning new design, featuring a beautiful watercolor image of a bird of paradise flower. Birds of paradise are traditionally considered symbols of freedom and joy, two virtues we can never undervalue.

The bird of paradise plant, which is native to the tropics, is valued and cherished around the world for its stunning natural beauty, and its incredibly vibrant colors. Admiring the wonders of this flower, let's not forget the beauty which exists within all of us, if we allow it to show like this flower!

This is truly a beautiful and unique design, perfect for the warm, flowery months of late spring and early summer. Available on products ranging from clothing, art prints, phone, laptop, and tablet cases, and much more, this design is truly versatile! It's a perfect accent to any outfit, living room, dining room, or handheld technology.

Featured Friends of Breathe Love: Catherine Scherwenka

This month, we're so honored to feature friend of the Breathe Love Movement Catherine Scherwenka. Catherine has written two books – one on finding your inner peace, and another combating the effects of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) in a natural, drug-free, holistic way. You can check out her webpage featuring these two books here!

Catherine also offers a free, 7-day initiation, which offers you an opportunity to truly reconnect with your innermost self over the course of one incredible week. Visit her website for more information on this beautiful offer. Finally, be sure to follow Catherine on Instagram!

May the rest of this beautiful month be a blessing to you and your loved ones. If you have not done so already, be sure to visit and follow Breathe Love on social media. Be well, and BREATHE LOVE.


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