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Shanti by Śhakra Jewel 💎 & Carlos Carty

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Introducing “Shanti”, from the album, “In The Light of Jewels.”

The track “Shanti” opens with two voices chanting “Om Shanti Om”. The music swells and the listener feels enveloped in what feels like the dawning of a universe. As the feminine and masculine voices harmonize and echo each other we feel a peaceful calm and we are ready to embark on a healing journey. “Om” is the original sound of all life encompassing the past, present, and future. “Shanti” describes the peace one finds in the depths of the soul. The deep peace that fills our body, mind, and everything around us. This mantra was chosen to prepare us to welcome and activate the sixth chakra, Anja, or “Third Eye”. Located in the center of the forehead, the third eye is our seat of intuition and acts as our center of wisdom and consciousness. The feminine energy of the Anja chakra is embodied in Shanti, who is the goddess of peace. As the chanting fades we are led into a beautiful meditation by our guide. Her powerful and nurturing voice leads us to heal through love.

“We begin our quest on a journey through a vision

The trilogy of life

Divine love, guidance, and inspiration”

“We walk the path becoming

yesterday’s past

Into today’s vastness”

“Where love echoes in the winds today”

Our guide leaves us as she whispers in Spanish, I love you, my dear, I love you more, divine light, inviting us find each other in the nostalgic song, “Whispering Winds” of Love. This romantic song sung in Spanish features many instruments including the piano and flute. As the notes play with each other in the wind and the lyricist’s resonant voice fills our senses, we are brought on the next part of our healing journey. We learn that sometimes it is better to let go of what we are attached to. As the pain of releasing fades, we have room to experience freedom and liberation, and an opening in our hearts.

“A kiss of sun in your garden

A cold morning

April sun”

“The snow falls and has to erase

Long roads where you will walk”

“I only have your silence

That whispers in the wind”

As the song closes, the voice of our guide whispers, “It’s better to let you go”, echoing the changing season’s whispering winds which caress our souls, reminding us that we have sweet memories that warm our hearts for eternity.

Shakra Jewel and Carlos Carty are joined on this track by Joe James, master musician and music producer (see newsletter for Joe’s bio). Please join us in experiencing the transformative powers of loving and letting go, in “Shanti,” from the collection, “In The Light of Jewels”.


Carlos Carty and Śhakra Jewel


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About Joe James

Joe James was born in Palermo Sicily and migrated to Australia with his family when he was 10. Joe is a seasoned musician and a vibrant producer. Having studied piano from the age of 5 and played keyboards in bands since the age of 10. Played and performed as a session musician for over 700 recording sessions for various artists. Composed, arranged, Produced and recorded thousands of hours of music for jingles, broadcast television, documentaries and film. Too many to mention. Has performed with various Symphony Orchestras bringing the music of Queen and Pink Floyd to a new level and the major highlight was playing for Andrea Bocelli on his Australian/New Zealand tour in 2004. Joe has been music director for the Andrew Strong band since 2006 (The Original Band The Commitments) Which has toured Europe, USA and Australia. He resides in Adelaide South Australia where he records and produces up and coming young talent in his hybrid studio and collaborates with other fine musicians from all over the globe.



Releases June 6, 2022


Carlos Carty

Lyricist & Vocals

Music Producer & Music Video Production

Artist - Śhakra Jewel

Lyricist & vocals

Joe James

Bass and Keyboards

Album Cover - Pedro Gallinger

Breathe Love Movement editor:

Jennifer O’Brien

Copyright by Juliane Renée

all rights reserved

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Enjoy, and Breathe Love!

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