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Flourishing in Humanity

Happy 10/10!

This month we have something incredibly special for you - the featuring of three beautiful souls.

This beautiful painting, Flourishing in Humanity, was created by Padro Vayu Gallinger. Pedro beautifully captured some incredible symbolism. The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, good luck, messages from spirits, and so many other special qualities. While they are tiny beings, hummingbirds pack a lot of powerful, positive energy.

Pedro Vayu Gallinger is an Argentine artist, living in Brazil and Argentina, specialized in Spiritual Art, personalized paintings and murals. He is at the service of Art, dedicated to creating works that bring spiritual and emotional benefits.

Next I would like to introduce you to the incredible Astrologist and Poet, Marcel La Casa.

Marcelo was born in 1986 in Argentina; since he was born he has had a curiosity and the intuition of a mission for these times, linked to the awakening of consciousness of humanity in these times. He has a degree in Dramatic Arts from the University of Buenos Aires, Reiki Master, Magnified Healing, Bach flower therapist and Astrology, discipline that today occupies most of his work as a tool for integration and reconnection with our multidimensional essence, with birth chart consultations, solar revolutions and online classes.

Let’s hear what incredible messages Marcelo has to share with us today:

On 10-10-21: Moon in adventurous Sagittarius and Sun in contemplative Libra, dazzle us with enthusiasm, if we give ourselves to contemplate the beauty of the link, the sense that expands us with a common, divine and complementary vision: we can elevate our mind to a new level of understanding, of "morality" not from the social; but by resonance and alignment to the natural order that these signs represent: Equanimity and Synthesis:

A Stellium (conjunction of 3 planets or more) in Libra of Mercury, Mars and the Sun, encourages us to empower ourselves in our subtlety, in sensitive contact with our thoughts, words and actions, to align with our deep and genuine desire, being authentic and taking the power of kindness, is the paradox proposed to us by the Sun and Mars, masculine assertive principles, but in Libra: sign of the bond and complement.

Peaceful assertiveness, patience and physical activity. Libra indicates us that the balance to DOSE our vital force (Mars) is basic to empower us.

On 10/10 Saturn goes direct, while Pluto was activated in square to the new moon on 10/6: It is the time to connect with the serene intuition that allows us to magnetize and concretize our goals, polish associations, separate the wheat from the chaff.

To feel and channel the higher self without judgment, to move into a deeper understanding of my personal power and inner resources, these are very powerful days, with Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun, to contemplate and review the events of these past months, and find new meaning, new revelations.

How does the intention move, do I react or respond? To place ourselves before the ups and downs of the outside and the environment as co-creating spectators of what happens to us; the feminine and receptive place of self-observation can give us understanding of our behaviors.

From calm and joy, we are invincible. We do not need to fight but to flow where we resonate; and to be present to feel where Yes and where No. Our understanding and awakening is not only to understand and awaken.

Our understanding and awakening is not only for ourselves, but like a fragrance it naturally spreads to our relationships, how we complement each other depends on the wounds we identify with, warns Kiron in Aries in opposition. By allowing ourselves to love each other, we can let that vibration be the one that binds us, and we can empower ourselves and set boundaries from intuitive assessment, without having to explain ourselves.

A day to celebrate ourselves by sharing ourselves creatively, in whatever excites us.

The Moon and Venus in Sagittarius encourage us with impetus and unfolding to launch us in the direction of a journey that makes sense, be it meditation and understanding of the self, or perhaps better a walk, a dynamic outing with friends, as the energy of Libra and Sagittarius harmonizes giving us momentum but also diplomacy.

A good day for dialogues that bring clarity and expansion.

To concretize partnerships that direct us to the realization of our highest goals.

Both luminaries make a Quincunx to Uranus, announcing a special day to renew ourselves both internally and externally, which needs to be renewed in us: perhaps we need a change of image, a concrete act that helps us to confirm a change of attitude, of commitment to our own creative being, what we need to stop holding mentally to travel lighter. A day to remember to observe and discern how the internal and the external correspond.

As the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Libra:

In the master mirror of the bond where we confront each other with sincerity.

we reinitiate ourselves by understanding

the bond as a dynamic where we test our beliefs, our certainties, our desires, our desires.

our certainties, our desires

And life strips us of our masks

to leave us naked but full of confidence.

That moves us, that magnetizes us, that excites us.

It's time to go for it. Enjoying is closer.

Guide that calm surrender that authenticity gives us every time.

- Marcelo La Casa - Astrology and Poetry at the Service of Ascension -


Finally, I want to share with you a beautiful Masterclass being held by my dear friend Catherine. It is an incredible opportunity to nurture your soul this week. ❣️

“Feeling all of the feels. We’ve been living inside this pandemic for 18+ months now. It feels as if we begin to re-emerge and then we get slammed back under it. There is a fleeting moment of liberation from all of the requirements and mandates only to find ourselves back within the confines of order. Order? But life feels chaotic! And we keep hitting this edge.

Sacred Sovereignty is calling you in for respite. For Grace. For Inner Peace. For some quiet time. Some sacred space for just you. Join me, Wednesday, October 13th at 5:30pm pacific time for a FREE 1.5 hour Masterclass where I will be sharing a taste of what spiritual sovereignty means within you and within me and how this plays into Sacred Sanctuary 2.0! When you are spiritually sovereign, you remember that you Are God, and not the collection of false personalities fabricated by your ego. You are not your hurt and pain and suffering. You know that God is your innermost Self, and as close to you as your own heart; and because of this, you do not allow yourself to be persuaded otherwise. You acknowledge that the reason you are here on Earth is to embody the life of your Soul - to give voice and creative expression to that unique focus of consciousness that you are within the Mind Of God. Grab a cup of tea, your journal (or a piece of paper) and a pen. Close down “shop” for a couple of hours and take this much needed time and space and join me & be in community. It’s on me. Wednesday, October 13th at 5:30pm PST where I will be sharing a taste of what spiritual sovereignty means and how this plays into Sacred Sanctuary 2.0, my six month course that begins at the end of October! Click the link below and register for this FREE Masterclass and learn more about what it means to be sovereign.

And I'd be so grateful if you'd share with anyone in your life who you feel may benefit from this class! (Sign Up at the form at the top of the website)”

- Catherine


To connect with the incredible individuals featured in this month’s release, please check the following links:

I wish you a beautiful month filled with love and joy. Be well, and breathe love 🥰

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