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HARE KRISHNA Extended: A Visual Journey of Healing & Love



"Hare Krishna Extended: A Visual Journey of Healing and Love" In a harmonious blend of vibrant visuals and soulful chants, "Hare Krishna Extended" embarks on a profound artistic expedition, illuminating the essence of love, freedom, and spiritual rejuvenation.


VAYU, the talented and creator of this captivating audio visual creates a immersive experience is set to captivate listeners with its kaleidoscope of colors and the enchanting imagery of peacock feathers symbolizing protection and divine grace.


**Embark on a Spiritual Odyssey:**

Set against the backdrop of a verdant garden, "Hare Krishna Extended" invites viewers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Through a seamless fusion of visuals and sacred mantras, this extended version transcends conventional boundaries, offering a sanctuary for the soul to wander and seek solace.


**A Symphony of Colors and Melodies:**

Dive into a mesmerizing tapestry of colors that dance in harmony with the timeless rhythms of the Hare Krishna mantra. Guided by ancient wisdom and divine inspiration, Śhakra Jewel and Carlos Carty infuse their chants with the sacred vibrations of the universe. With every intonation, they reach deep into the collective consciousness, resonating with the eternal rhythms that pulse through the cosmos.


**A Journey to the Heart:**

As their voices intertwine, Shakra Jewel and Carlos Carty lead listeners on a profound journey to the very core of existence. Through their enchanting melodies and SYNERGY harmonies, they create a sacred space where hearts open and spirits soar.


**An Invitation to Transcendence:**

"Shakra Jewel and Carlos Carty's Transcendent Collaboration" beckons listeners to surrender to the timeless beauty of the present moment. In the embrace of their music, boundaries dissolve, and the soul finds solace in the infinite expanse of love and light. Each hue carries profound significance, weaving a narrative of spiritual awakening and transcendence. The peacock feathers, renowned for their protective symbolism in ancient traditions, serve as guardians, guiding viewers through the labyrinth of emotions towards serenity and enlightenment.


**A Garden of New Beginnings:**

"Hare Krishna Extended" blossoms into a sanctuary of renewal, where every frame is imbued with the promise of a new dawn. As petals unfurl and melodies intertwine, viewers are invited to shed the burdens of the past and embrace the boundless possibilities of the present moment. It is a celebration of life, love, and the eternal quest for truth.


**A Song for Generations:**

With its timeless resonance and universal appeal, "Hare Krishna Extended" transcends the constraints of time and space, echoing across generations to inspire hope and unity. This Divine rendition of the ancient mantra serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards a future steeped in compassion, harmony, and spiritual fulfillment.


**Join the Journey:**

Experience the magic of "Hare Krishna Extended" as it unfolds its wings and soars into the hearts of millions worldwide. Let its vibrant hues and celestial melodies awaken the dormant spirit within and ignite a flame of divine love that will burn brightly for years to come.



Shakra Jewel , Carlos Carty and VAYU





Śhakra Jewel & Carlos Carty Production

Lyricist & Vocals 


Music Producer  


Creative Art and Visuals- VAYU  







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