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Infinity Expansion - Lionsgate Portal

♾ Introducing August’s new design release, Infinite Expansion!

Our August 2021 design drew inspiration from 8/8’s Lionsgate New Moon. The events of 8/8 hold a unique significance, as they rarely occur all together in synchronicity.

The Lionsgate Portal is caused by movement of the star Sirius. This event allows for us all to experience a unique high-vibrational energy on its own, but the power of this event in conjunction with a new moon and Leo season is unique. Furthermore, 8/8 is a very significant date in numerology, as the number 88 (represented by the infinity symbols in our Infinite Expansion design) represents a higher spiritual awareness and the concept of infinity.

This design has a glowing neon appearance and shines bright on our products. Featured here is a floor pillow that is excellent for use in meditation.

You can find this design (and much more too!) on our Redbubble store.

Speaking of meditation, there is a beautiful Lionsgate Portal meditation that I have personally been enjoying quite a bit. I would love if you shared in it with me! You can view it below.

I hope that the abundance of incredibly powerful events occurring on this day bring you inspiration, creativity, empowerment, and joy!

Wishing you all the best! Remember to breathe love ❣️

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