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Introducing The Breathe Love Movement

About the Movement

Like many, the rapid onset of a global pandemic shocked and terrified me. In the blink of an eye, life was turned upside down. People retreated to their homes, social distancing became emotional distancing, and many lost their jobs or struggled to adjust to remote work. I began struggling to sleep due to anxiety and panic, fearing for myself and my loved ones. It was as if I could feel the world’s pain every time I tried to draw breath. Then on April 1st, 2020, I manifested a vision so clearly it was as if I had spiritual 20/20 vision. I saw a pair of lungs entwined with flowers and the words: “Breathe Love.” It is my dream to bring this movement of meditation, awareness, love, and kindness to everyone. “Breathe Love” can mean different things for different people, but at its heart, this movement is about awakening and empowering individuals to protect and heal themselves, each other, and this planet. My vision for this movement is to help people live each day with awareness of themselves and others so they can breathe love into the world with their mere existence. I hope to help facilitate this mission by teaching meditation classes privately, as well as in schools, hospitals, recovery centers, and prisons, so that everyone can feel the benefit of this global perspective.

The Breathe Love Store

You can support our mission and help share the message by shopping at our Redbubble Store. We will be releasing various styles of merchandise, including t-shirts, posters, stickers, and more!

To learn more about Breathe Love, follow us on social media.

Why I Launched Breathe Love on 11/11

1111 represents easy access to the higher realms of collective consciousness. The number 1 is a sign of something new coming into your life and also represents intuition and leadership. 11 is the master number most associated with being a visionary. It’s the number of a person who is true to their heart. Listen to that inner voice – your intuition – and be open to the opportunities that are presented to you. Embrace the journey commencing in your life and start paying attention to what your gut says you want out of your future.

Seeing master 11 repeatedly around you, especially twice like in 1111, is a sign for you to listen to your instincts. When you keep seeing 1111, the universe is alerting you of new things coming into your life. Your guardian angels are telling you to let your intuition and vision lead you while you keep yourself grounded. Anchor the highest Divine possibilities into your life.

– Juliane

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