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It’s Just a Phase

🌝 Introducing July 2021’s design release, “It’s Just a Phase!”

July’s design was inspired by the full buck moon that begins tonight. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, this astrological event is notable because it has a major impact on us.

This phase of the moon causes our more vulnerable selves (known as shadow selves) to come into light. It is important to be a little bit extra kind to ourselves during this time.

While you’re enjoying the beauty of the moon, I encourage you to check out the incredible book “The Moon + You” by Diane Ahlquist.

Our design features the incredible work of Moon Photographer Angela. You can find her stunning images on her Instagram and her website. Her photos so wonderfully capture the unique beauty of the moon.

You can find this design (and much more too!) on our Redbubble store.

Wishing you the best during this beautiful moon phase and always.

Remember to breathe love ❣️

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