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Moving Forward ❣️

Happy September! This month's design is all about Focus.

The Focus design comes paired with a beautiful mantra: "I will keep moving towards the vision of my goals." Released on 9/9, this design embodies the spirit of this sacred date.

In numerology, the number nine symbolizes many things - including love and new beginnings. Many of the meanings connected with this number are rooted in self care and utilizing your talents for the betterment of the world around you.

You can find this design (and others!) in our Redbubble store. All of our products are created with designs inspired by moments of great cosmic significance and infused with healing properties by our founder Juliane Renee, including this beautiful journal:


Meet the Artist: Eve

"My name is Eve Glynn, I've grown up on Long Island and have been creating art since I was ten. My surroundings and nature have heavily influenced the work I create. Art has always been a creative outlet for me and I've enjoyed sharing my art with others. I took private art lessons alongside pursuing art classes in high school and college.

My teachers have helped me grow into the artist I am today and I hope to continue growing and challenging myself throughout my art career. I've been working on commissions for clients since 2019 and I hope to continue. Currently I am studying to become a creative art therapist at Hofstra University, since I love the therapeutic component art can provide."


Wishing you all the best this month and always!

Remember to breathe love ❣️

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