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Prana by Śhakra Jewel 💎

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Today, 12/12/21 - We are delighted to launch our brand new “Breathe Love Meditation Space” where you can hear the first track release, “Prana”, from the album, “In The Light of Jewels.” This song title was chosen because the meaning of Prana is life force energy. We start from Prana, from the most fundamental. “The essential is invisible to the eyes.”

We are creating a library of relaxing, healing music designed to activate cell rejuvenation, enhance creativity, awaken consciousness, and facilitate purposeful living in light, love, and peace.

“In The Light of Jewels” sound activates your DNA for ascension and healing.

The physical, emotional, and energetic healing properties of sound therapy have long been understood by the scientific community. Now we are taking sound healing to the next level. “In The Light of Jewels” will accelerate your progressive personal development. The sound resonance on “Prana” awakens ancient expressions in your DNA for a clearing and healing transformative listening experience.

Our DNA and the seals between our DNA contain electro tonal sound patterns and frequencies, a Breath of Consciousness. When our consciousness connects to that frequency and takes it in, it is that musical frequency that transforms the DNA by activating it. The musical frequencies cause the DNA to come to life, to begin their dance into a new rhythmic pulsation.

The musical arrangement and instruments on “Prana” are purposefully selected, not only for your listening pleasure, but to bathe you in sound therapy which will activate potent relaxation and DNA activation and healing. The frequency of 432 Hz in “Prana” aligns with our planet’s heartbeat and grounds your Root/Muladhara Chakra.

Get yourself some DNA activation consciousness with “Prana”, from the album, “In The Light of Jewels”.

Prana would not be possible without the incredible contributions of such talented people!

Album cover - Pedro Gallinger Music Producer - Carlos Carty Music Video Production - Carlos Cart

Artist - Śhakra Jewel Composer - Juliane Renée

Enjoy, and Breathe Love!

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