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Spring Into the Light

Welcoming Spring: A Season of Rebirth, Renewal, and Reflection

Today, March 20th, marks the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. At 5:37 EDT / 2:37 PDT this morning, we all arrived together in a new season. This is an exciting and beautiful thing to be a part of! Take some time now to breathe in, acknowledge and reflect on how you are feeling, and breathe out. Cherish this moment.

Spring is a lovely time for new beginnings, visions, growth, and strength to get us through this next season of change. Strength to be able to breathe with hope and faith.

The new season is a time of rebirth, renewal, and reflection. As winter takes us into an era of cold darkness, the equinox invites us all to embrace change with the arrival of warmer days, and more hours of beautiful, radiant sunlight.

This quote about spring's essence from Melissa Carver at is a beautiful one, and I believe that it calls for meditation and appreciation: "All life on Earth is dependent upon the sun. It’s not difficult to see that every living creature and plant is in celebration at the time of spring equinox. Birds sing praise, flowers open wide, bees dance, and babies of all species are born."

New Breathe Love Store Designs featuring incredible artwork from Pedro Gallinger, a.k.a. @inspiravayu on Instagram.

This month, we have some incredible new items in our Redbubble store featuring a design by incredible artist Pedro Gallinger. As many of you have seen, he made some artwork for Breathe Love which was posted across our social media pages. You can check out the post on Instagram here!

Spring is the time for your light to shine through! Just as flowers, trees, and grass need sunlight in order to grow, the Earth needs your light in it in order to fully bloom and blossom into the beautiful planet that it is. Let your light shine!

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