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Welcoming the Summer Solstice with Love and Light!

🌞 Embracing the light of this new season 🌞

In honor of the Summer Solstice, this month's new Breathe Love design celebrates the light of divine love that burns in each one of us, especially as we enter this new season of growth. We must embrace this light, as it is a vital part of our connection to the The Divine, to ourselves, and to one another. From the moment we are born and open our eyes to the light, we are wrapped in the energy of the universe just as we are wrapped in the arms of our family. This design reminds us that even in the moments of darkness, the sun is waiting to reemerge, its unquenchable fire blessing us all.

This light is represented in a beautiful stained glass style, which serves as a metaphor. Much like stained glass artwork, this light shines through each of us, emphasizing the beauty within and helping us all shine brighter each day, as we continually evolve and grow.


I invite you to take a moment in meditation with me, using the video below, to fully embrace and experience this light in your own life.

I wish you a beautiful Summer season! Be well and breathe love.

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